Q. Will my existing landscape be disturbed?

A. No, the only piece of heavy equipment we use is our truck and trailer to get us to the site. This remains on the street, back alley or driveway. Our other equipment is small and specifically designed to work on and around existing landscape without disturbing it.

Q. What kind of preparation do I, the homeowner need to do?

A. On a new yard the topsoil should be leveled to the final grade. On an existing yard no preparation is required. We look after everything from preparing the area to the installed border. The only thing left for you to do is place the rock or mulch back against the border once the concrete has cured and dispose of a few rolls of sod left from the ground prep process.

Q. Will my borders crack?

A. The formulae we use for our concrete borders has been used successfully in Alberta for over 20 years. We also cut in control joints similar to what is done in sidewalks and outdoor pads. However the product is concrete and this is Alberta, and concrete can and will crack. Reinforcing the mix greatly reduces this possibility. Properly placed control joints allow the concrete if it cracks, to crack at the joint, thereby not taking away from the beauty and functionality of the border.

Q. If I drop a heavy object on the curb will it chip?

A. Yes, a rock or hammer dropped on the border can chip it. On natural color concrete the chip will be in most cases barely noticeable. In the case of colored and sealed borders the damage will be more noticeable, in which case a dab of sealer on the damaged area will fix the damage. This is one of the reasons why we use integral coloring through our entire border.

Q. How small of a diameter circle can you do around my tree?

A. Our machine does a three foot radius comfortably and we can manually do a lot tighter turn. However there are a few things you should consider: 1) How big is the tree going to grow? 2)If it is an inside curve, will I be able to cut the grass easily with my mower? and 3)Will the curve look good with my landscape?

Q. Will concrete borders stop the grass from migrating into my flower garden?

A. Yes, our borders are 6" wide and will stop regular lawn grass from spreading into your garden area. It will not however stop the spreading of quack grass.

Q. Do you design border layout?

A. Yes, before we start any digging we will lay out with you the course for your border, taking into consideration landscape design and other important considerations with regard to the border properties.